iPhone 8 will be launched on September 12, Apple ramps up production in China

Apple will launch the iPhone 8, possibly with the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7s Plus and a new Apple Watch that supports the SIM card on September 12. Although this is a date that was widespread as the day Apple unveiled the iPhone 8, now the Wall Street Journal confirms it.

The US business newspaper was informed by its sources, who were informed about the upcoming release of the iPhone, that Apple will actually launch the new iPhone 8 on September 12. The report also notes that the new iPhone 8, with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7s Plus, will go on sale about 10 days after its inauguration.

Although no price has been mentioned for the phone, rumors have previously suggested that the iPhone 8, which is going to be the anniversary edition, will remain the most expensive iPhone.

The iPhone 8 will also be possible with a new design, while the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s Plus will be iterative updates on the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This is what we know from the iPhone 8 so far:

The iPhone 8 should come with a price of around $ 1,000 (expect the price of India of almost Rs 1 lakh).
The iPhone 8 possibly comes with a new design, which includes two layers of glass with a metal frame sandwiched between them.

Currently it is unclear what the size of the iPhone 8 screen will be. Although some rumors have suggested that this could be a 5.8 inch screen. We also hear about the OLED panel, unlike the LCD panel used by current iPhones.

The OLED panel, often seen on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, offers sharper, sharper colors. Although there is no consensus on the screen size, it has been suggested by the following Apple analysts that the iPhone 8 will have a design with very thin glasses on the screen.

The iPhone 8 should remove the physical start button. As for the TouchID, there are two rumors. Note that the TouchID will move to the Apple logo on the back cover while another says it will be under the glass on the screen.

The iPhone 8 should come with a redesigned camera. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll have two cameras on the back: one normal camera and the other with a telephoto lens for portrait and close-up shots.

But – and so the rumors – this time Apple will also use a larger image sensor on the iPhone 8 to compete with the performance of Google Pixel and Galaxy S8, especially when it reaches the low light output.

The redesign may allow Apple to offer wireless pricing with the iPhone 8, although reports indicate that the charging speed will not be as fast as what consumers get with the Galaxy S8, which also supports wireless charging.

It has been speculated that Apple has also strengthened the front and back cameras of the iPhone 8 to provide a better augmented reality experience. If you remember, Apple introduced artificial reality API into iOS 11, the software that will be found on the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 will be powered by the Apple A11 processor and will surely have at least 32GB of internal storage. To support a better AR experience, it will also be possible with 3GM RAM.

The Apple iPhone 8 supports face recognition and users can unlock the phone using face recognition technology. The phone will probably cause a sensor on the front that will help users better recognize the face, even when the light is low.

According to WSJ, the iPhone 8 will be presented at an event at Apple’s new office, which has an auditorium with a capacity of 1000 people. Apple also would have anticipated strong demand for the iPhone 8 that will be the anniversary edition given the fact that the first iPhone was released in 2007, increased the phone’s production in China.

There is currently a manufacturing facility in China that manufactures the iPhone 8, says WSJ. But production is soon expected to expand to other factories where Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn make iPhones.

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