Blue Whale Challenge: What is it, what it is not? Many things but it is not a game

A 19-year-old boy named Vignesh of Madurai, probably dissatisfied with everything that was going on in his life, decided to hold on. The teenager committed suicide by hanging, leaving a suicide note that said: “The blue whale is not a game, but a danger and once you enter, you can never leave.”

He also left a series of unanswered questions. Why Vignesh? Does this mean that any other child could also fall into the trap of the blue whale? Why does this “game” exist? Is this game open, if so, why? Is it even a game (index: is not the case)? What is the government doing to deal with the threat of the blue whale?

Many questions. There is no doubt that the stupidity of the blue whale is dangerous. But it is also clear, incidents that have been linked to it, and everything we have seen so far that most people have no idea what it really is. In fact, the government that has tried to “ban” has no idea what is going on and how to deal with it.

First of all, Blue Whale is not a game because it is not a video or a mobile. This is not even a real-life game. This is not an application and you can install it. Blue Whale is not a game your child can play on a desktop computer. It can not be installed on the web and no player can be played on Xbox or Playstation.

There is no particular site, application or service where Blue Whale can be accessed. You can not type a website address in the Chrome browser and end up in or join the Blue Whale game. The blue whale is a crazy and absurd phenomenon. It is a conversation between a stranger and a child, who is vulnerable.

The link to achieve Blue Whale is usually hidden in the comments host under any YouTube video, strange hashtags or even through private messages. People who fade from this phenomenon have defined their own language and are looking for complete information about their purpose before joining them.

Conservatives of the blue whale are constantly on the lookout for vulnerable teens and can be easily pressured to take extreme measures. Reports indicate that the creators of the blue whale – and no one knows who these creators are – assign 50 tasks to the victim, including such tasks as walking in strange times, climbing a crane, sitting on edge of the roof, watching videos sent by curators , self-mutilating tasks such as penetrating needle in the arms or legs, caving in the body and finally suicide.

So if I do not play, then, what is this Blue Whale thing?
Blue Whale is not a game, why call it a game when it’s nothing like the games you see in the Play Store or App Store. So what is it? The blue whale is a phenomenon, an ugly one. Reports say it was started by a guy named Philipp Budeikin who is now in jail.

But the problem is that this phenomenon now has its own life. Patients and psychotics around the world attack vulnerable teens by assigning them deadly tasks on behalf of Blue Whale. All this to satisfy your sadistic soul.

Understand it this way. We all remember the challenge of the ice cube, which became viral on the web. People started marking and challenging each to complete the task. Well, it was for a good cause.

This blue whale is also a viral challenge similar to a very malicious idea in the heart. What Budeikin says is getting rid of the “biological waste” of society. In simple words to persuade vulnerable children to kill themselves.

First understand that Blue Whale can not kill your child. This is what strangers tell them it interprets the soul and puts them more deeply into their insecurities and vulnerabilities. Watch your child.

If you find changes in your behavior or complaints about your child in solitude all the time, take note of that. Just like the real world has two sides: good and bad. Similarly, the virtual world also has dark corners. And the rule of thumb is the same.

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