Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe may visit Vadnagar: Workers scurry to give hometown of PM Modi a facelift

Work is under way on the construction of a “smart station” in Vadnagar, the birthplace of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The station, which is currently closed for the conversion of large meters, receives a face lift worth Rs 9 crore. Modi is likely to visit the city in September with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“The new Vadnagar Intelligent Station will have central air conditioning and will feature a number of facilities such as a tourist facilitation center, art gallery, waiting rooms, cafeteria, two bathrooms, and CCTV cameras,” said Abhishek Patel, one of the engineers involved in the renovation works.

However, the rusty blue cabin, known to locals, as the tea where Modi sold tea as a child, will remain in its “original form.”

The work at the station is part of a big push for change that Vadnagar has witnessed since Modi became prime minister.

The city’s skyline is now dotted with new high-rise buildings and multi-story buildings, one of which is the new GMERS hospital.

Much of the development work in Vadnagar began after the Center, as part of the Swadesh Darshan program, sanctioned Rs 99.81 crore to develop the Vadnagar-Modhera-Patan tourist circuit in March this year.

In July, Union Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma announced that tourist sites in Vadnagar will be developed as part of a beautification program.

As part of this project, the Tana Riri Memorial Park, located about 2.5 km from the fortified city, also receives a facelift.

A new amphitheater is being built in the park, and the set around the two lakes near the memorial park is being developed.

Recently, the Archaeological Survey of India developed similar structures to a Buddhist monastery, dating from the second century AD, to Vadnagar, highlighting the link of the city with Buddhist history.

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