‘Witch-Hunt For 1 Seat’, Says Congress’ Ahmed Patel As Taxmen Visit Bengaluru Resort

‘Witch-Hunt For 1 Seat’, Says Congress’ Ahmed Patel As Taxmen Visit Bengaluru Resort

Ahmed Patel, congressional leader whose candidacy for re-election to parliament is threatened by a political crisis of his party in Gujarat, has accused the ruling BJP of a “witch-hunt just to win a seat Rajya Sabha.”

M. Patel has eaten his critics this morning as Karnataka income tax officials visited a complex where Congress has kidnapped 44 of its lawmakers in Gujarat to avoid further desertions after the six of them resigned in two days and three Have joined the BJP.

“After using state machinery and all other agencies, IT raids show their despair and frustration.” BJP is in an unprecedented hunt hunting for a seat in the Rajya Sabha, “M. Patel has eaten, political secretary Of the president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi.

The attacks led to a clash between Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Ghulam Nabi Azad of Congress in Parliament.

In rejecting the Congressional charge of “witch-hunt”, M. Jaitley said that the raids were carried out only on Karnataka minister, not Gujarat legislators and taxemen went to Bangalore station, while the minister in question remained at the station.

M. Azad responded by saying: “The questionable policy research program of fear has gone from west to south.”

The tax department said its officials visited the Eagleton Golf Resort near Bangalore only in combination with the Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar of Congress, who was staying at the resort, charged by the party to look after their guests in Gujarat. Taxes have incriminated 39 sites linked to the minister today.

“The desired minister went to a station near Bangalore, where some members of another state are in place.

Therefore, the room is only the Minister sought. The research team is not parliamentary in question and there has been no contact with deputies and the research team, “the tax department said in a statement.
Congress stressed that the Gujarat Congress has paid for its stay at the bank transfer station.

Gujarat parliamentarians were used by the party in Bangalore last week and have since stayed the luxury Eagleton Golf Resort.

They are expected to return to Gujarat Sunday at the time of voting in the Rajya Sabha elections to three seats in the state Tuesday, August 8.

The BJP, which governs Gujarat with a large majority, will easily win two seats, and say its chief Amit Shah and union minister Smriti Irani.

In the third, he represented a former MP Balwantsinh Rajput in order to prevent the re-election of Ahmed Patel.

M. Rajput is one of six members of Congress who left the party for two days last week.

He and two others joined the BJP, in what is considered a political revenge written by the local chief Shankarsinh Vagehla, who left Congress last month after the party refused to project as chairman attributed chief election of the assembly Which will be held in Gujarat a year later.

All members who have resigned are loyal to M. Vaghela, a former BJP leader who has joined Congress for more than a decade. Balwantsinh Rajput is closely linked to M. Vaghela.

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