Abu Dujana, Arif Lilhaari were 115th and 116th terrorists killed in J&K this year: Sources

Abu Dujana, Arif Lilhaari were 115th and 116th terrorists killed in J&K this year: Sources

NEW DELHI: Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists Abu Dujana and Arif Lilhaari were terrorists 115 and 116 to be killed in Jammu and Kashmir this year.

According to official figures shared by the main sources in the security system, 114 terrorists were eliminated in the state in the valley until July 31 of this year, compared to 92 in the same period of 2016.

It is interesting to note that up to 22 terrorists died in July 2017 alone, through the official figure of 92 terrorists neutralized until July 2, also highlighted by the TOI.
The number of 116 terrorists killed until August 1 of 2,017 is higher than 72 and 67 terrorists eliminated in J & K all 2012 and 2013, respectively, when the UPA government was in power.

The figures collected during the mandate of the NDA, reaching 110 in 2014, 108 in 2015 and 150 in 2016. “Terrorists killed so far this year have already exceeded the number of 2014 and 2015.

Given the arrangement of the security apparatus to keep the heat on the J & K terrorists in the days and months to come, with all due political support, it is expected that the figure in 2017 to cross 150 terrorist murders recorded the year Past, “an Interior Ministry official said.

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The death of Abu Dujana Tuesday being described as one of the greatest successes of anti-terrorist forces in Kashmir is part of the Center’s overall policy to address all terrorists with intelligence-based operations that need to be taken as rationale. If they face local resistance.

“The government’s approach against Kashmir is threefold: concerted action against terrorists leading to its elimination when they refused to surrender, despite local protests about dating sites;

Parallel repression separating Hurriyat related to terrorist financing and a softer attitude towards local civilians so that they do not feel alienated or victims, “said a Home Ministry official, adding that focus will continue in the time to come.

Government sources said that pressure on terrorists would increase, with clear plans to eliminate other valuable terrorists such as Abu Ismail LeT, who must take the place of Dujana in southern Kashmir and former Hizbul chief and now al Qaeda Zakir Musa.

With the help of J & K police sources in the field and good coordination between the police, CRPF and the army, the Center is optimistic to cause setbacks in the J & K terrorists.

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