Nitish is a political turncoat hungry for power: Lalu Prasad

Nitish is a political turncoat hungry for power: Lalu Prasad

NEW DELHI: Supreme Ruler Lalu Prasad returned Tuesday Nitish Kumar, Bihar’s chief minister, and said the leader of JD (T) was a master of the answer, floating from one field to another, when it served his interest.

“Nitish is a” Paltu-RAM. “This is a + policy change. I have lost many times that it has changed its position and loyalty for power,” Lalu said at a press conference
This, said Lalu, is evident by the alteration of Nitish attitude in relation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with whom the Chief Minister of Bihar has been a significant drop in 2013. He also said that desertion of Nitish + the great alliance was Planned in collusion with the BJP for some time.

“Nitish criticizes Narendra Modi completely until just a few days. Now praises and even proclaims that no one can challenge Modi in 2019. It is clear that his loyalty was suspicious from the start,” Lalu said.

He also closed Nitish out of his arrogance by claiming that he was the only one to win votes for Lalu in the Bihar Assembly election in 2015.

“Nitish said he got the votes for me.It is not even ashamed to say that.I am your eldest,” said the head minister of Bihar age.

Nitish Kumar had joined Lalu to have hinted that the leader of JD (T) would have been no party had it not been for RJD’s support, after the results of the meeting’s exit survey in 2015.

“He (Lalu) arrogantly said he made me … CM Bihar people showed their courage in 2010,” he told a news conference on Monday.
In response to the caustic beard, Lalu reminded Nitish of his own electoral balance.
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Lalu also emphasized that he was the one who had brought Nitish frontal when they were involved in student politics. He accused Nitish of using it for political purposes.

He added that he had lost confidence in Nitish for a long time and that he was eager to allocate to the position. But he changed his mind when the founder of the Samjwadi Party, Mulayam Singh, had its roots in Nitish.

“I did not want the ministry of this man (Nitish) candidate because I did not trust him at least.” Then Mulayam ji convinced me, “he said.

The virulent attack follows a series of complaints with the Great Alliance + issued Monday by Nitish Kumar, saying he had tolerated “objectionable comments” from RJD leaders and frustration with Yadavs’ refusal to protect himself against corruption allegations against despite His repeated exhortations.

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