Arvind Panagariya quits NITI Aayog: Economist leaves behind a legacy that won’t impress many

Arvind Panagariya quits NITI Aayog: Economist leaves behind a legacy that won’t impress many

The departure of the vice president of the NiTi Aayog Arvind Panagariya, occurs at the same time, the government of Narendra Modi in the Center is running its business plan for change.

This clearly is not a good time for a key member of the inner circle of intellectual property government to say goodbye to the country, unless there is a compelling reason.

And it is not very clear what really caused Panagariya exit. The reason was quoted by the departure – his intention to return to his first love, the academic world – is somewhat surprising, for the simple reason that Prime Minister Modi himself had chosen to pioneer new group of experts in January 2015 and the task It has only begun.

Panagariya received one of the most important positions in the development of the mechanism of government policy, and the Indian-American economist knew what was recorded.

On the other hand, during his two and a half year NITI Aayog, the economist was absolutely in agreement with the government in the majority of the political and economic problems, among them the controversial demonetization project.

It would not be exaggerated to say that NITI Aayog has often assumed the role of government spokesperson to defend its various policy initiatives rather than acting as a corrective force as it was originally intended to do so. The abrupt departure Panagariya – in the midst of a critical action, and working with a boss to use – is a little surprising.

It has been two and a half years of disappointing NITI Aayog. The institution has largely failed to meet initial expectations and has not evolved as an organization offering possibilities for correcting criticism and of course constructive for the government when political decisions are moving in the wrong direction.

Panagariya entered the image January 5, 2015 after the previous Planning Commission, one of the last symbols of the development of the néhruvienne era, was discarded and replaced by a new body that was considered as a reflection group that would offer a New thinking government of Modi.

It was designed to undermine redundant political practices and error and replace them with new ideas.

And in the areas of agricultural policy reform, education, social spending and digital economy, they did a good job. But he has not reinvented himself as an independent voice that could guide the government; Instead of objectively analyzing proposals and offering constructive suggestions, he became a follower of government ideas.

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