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Launched the second property of its Social Cat­alyst brand ‘Zone by The Park’ in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Unveiled within three months of the first prop­erty launch in Coimbatore, the brand will expand to other cities such as Mahab- alipuram, Chennai and Raipur in 2015 itself. “Zone by The Park has been envi­sioned to cater to the needs of design conscious custom­ers. With an aim to have a slice of The Park in every city people travel to, we are expanding ‘Zone by The Park’ and are delighted to announce the launch of the second property in Jaipur. This launch also marks our entry into the market and we are confident ‘Zone by The Park’ will appeal to the growing ‘design-conscious, price-conscious’ Indian and international travel­lers in Jaipur,” said Vijay Dewan, managing direc­tor, Apeejay Surrendra Park hotels Ltd. Zone by The Park, envisioned as a Social Catalyst offers relaxed, un- boxy spaces, a happening bar, restaurant and buzz­ing nightlife; it is a place where people can make new connections, refresh and recharge themselves. ♦


NCR Corporation has

launched an ATM that runs on the enterprise soft­ware platform Kalpana, which moves ATM software and operations to the cloud. NCR, a US-based company founded in 1884, makes self- service kiosks, point-of-sale systems, ATMs, cheque pro­cessing systems and barcode scanners, among others. It has been operational in India for 17 years and the Kalpana software, as also the ATM, has been developed at its R&D facility in Hyderabad. In


Adelegation from Dubai Airport Freezone Author­ity (DAFZA) conducted road­shows in the country to attract regional and international investors. Jamal Rama- dhan Bin Marghoob, director, marketing together with Rashed Abdulkarim A1 Muila, senior officer and Sudhir Kumar, CEO, Mor­rison Menon made presen­tations to potential investors on the future outlook of Dubai and the UAE. “Con­sidering the recent global economic as well as geo-po­litical environment and fun­damentals, there are visible signs of growth and business opportunities. The economic outlook is promising and businesses are keen to avail


A nticipating our new age /^customer’s needs, ape’ Xtra Dlx has been conceived as a modern, stylish vehicle with many new features and yet delivering its core val­ues of exceptional reliability,


India, NCR sells cheque pro­cessing systems, ATMs and retail automation systems. It is planning to launch self­checkout for ‘travel & retail’. NCR’s India business turnover is ?1,600 crore. “ATM will continue to be an enabler for financial institutions as they look to penetrate the rural markets,” says Navroze Dastur, managing director, NCR India. “Kalpana will dra­matically reduce the cost of deployment and operation.” According to NCR, at present, there are about 1,93,000 ATMs benefits and incentives that DAFZA has to offer,” explains Kumar. “Our strategy com­plements current and future market movements, besides needs of businesses that are looking to establish them­selves in Dubai. The Freez­one model for business spurs more trade and investment activities in DAFZA. This will fuel efficiency and comfort,” explains Stefano Pelle, CEO, Piaggio India Pvt. Ltd., a 100 per cent subsid­iary of the Italian Piaggio group, at the launch of new ape’ Xtra Dlx model. “We are addressing the custom­ers’ changing needs. While we have already been mar­keting this vehicle success­fully for some years, the new ape’ Xtra Dlx presents a series of enhancements in style and functionality, while continu­ing to offer exceptional reli­ability, fuel efficiency and comfort. The changes intro­duced by pipl on this vehicle reflect the evolving expecta­tions of modern drivers. The
in India, which are likely to grow to 4,40,000 by 2019. ♦ be of benefit not only to Dubai and the UAE but to the region as well in the long run,” adds Marghoob unveil­ing DAFZA’s marketing strat­egy for 2015 along with its recent expansion plan and commitment to add real value to the GDP of UAE. DAFZA is a host to MNCs from over 20 diverse industries. ♦ ape’ Xtra Dlx sheet metal body provides strength and stylish lines, together with a smart dashboard, new head­lamps and new handle­bar switch”, adds Pelle. The ape’ Xtra Dlx also features a new paint treatment for added gloss and better colour retention, as well as higher rust prevention. “The ini­tial response of customers to these changes has been excel­lent,” says he. Operating in India since 1999 with the launch of the three-wheeler brand ape’, over the years, PIPL created the market, grew it, and has sustained a lead­ership position in the diesel three-wheeler segment. ♦


Mayor of Houston, Texas,     Annise

Parker lead a delegation to India to invite businesses to set up manufacturing facilities there. “Houston is America’s fastest grow­ing manufacturing region,” says Parker. “We’re looking for companies which can set up manufacturing facil­ities here.” She is not offer­ing any cash incentives to businesses, but, claims the cost of doing business is low. According to Parker, Hous­ton is the least expensive among major cities in Amer­ica, has a stable regulatory climate and it is investing back in infrastructure. And it offers fastest and easiest way to do business in Amer­ica. Parker’s vision for Hous­ton is to focus on growing from its strengths. Houston has oil & gas reserves and a port. Parker feels, Indian exporters have the oppor­tunity to get their goods to the US, through Hous­ton. For port business Hous­ton competes with New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles. For gas business, it competes with Louisi­ana, Chicago and Colorado. Parker claims, the port of Houston does more business than all of Mexico’s ports. ♦



Marriott           Interna­

tional will add 52 hotels in India in the next 3-5 years. It has 28 hotels at present, across different price categories. In India, Marriott does not own hotel prop­erties and it only manages hotels for a fee. It offers fran­chisees in the US but it does not offer franchisee as yet in APAC. However, it says, as markets mature, it may con­sider. All of Marriott’s cur­rent and upcoming properties are in the mid-tier to luxury segment. Marriott’s current India hotel properties include JW Marriott – 7, Courtyard by Marriott – 12, Marriott – 5, Fairfield – 1, Ritz Carlton


As businesses become more competitive, they rope in consultants to deal with the challenges they face. Thinking Dimensions global, a US-based consul­tancy that specialises in IT, sees an increase in demand for its services. Information technology is an integral part of many businesses. Potential risk to the IT assets is increas­ing and that directly affects the business. Thinking Dimension also helps organ­isations deal with these risks and prevents it in the future. “We promise lOx return on investment (that companies


Charles Zercher, associ­ate dean of University of New Hampshire (UNH), US, was in India recently to spread word about the university. The number of Indian students applying to


  • 1, Renaissance – 1, and Mar­riott Executive Apartments
  • Not many people know that JW Marriott and Marriott



make by hiring its services),” says Matthys Fourie, chair­man, Thinking Dimensions. Consultancy firms normally do not market themselves and

UNH is not significant and therefore to popularise the university among those look­ing to study outside India, it had partnered with Navitas, an international recruitment partner, five years ago. At are two separate brands of Marriott International. Mar­riott has affordable hotel brands in its portfolio but it hasn’t yet introduced them in India. “Both luxury & busi­ness and affordable category of travelers are growing,” says Peggy Fang Roe, chief sales & marketing officer, APAC, Marriott International. “We want to be in the affordable segment but it needs to be profitable for us and prop­erty owners.” Roe was in India to inaugurate JW Mar­riott outside Mumbai airport and launch meeting-imag­, an online platform to help design better meeting experiences.     ♦ rely on references and word- of-mouth to get new clients. But, Thinking Dimensions has taken to social media to leverage its vast reach. “World has turned virtual and that has benefited us,” says K. Jayshankar, managing director, Thinking Dimen­sions India. It works with 15 clients in India and employs eight consultants, who work with them. China is a big market for it. “China is doing exactly half of what the other 19 are doing,” says Fourie. “India has the potential to be as big as China (as a market for Thinking Dimensions).” ♦

present, maximum numbers of international students are from China. Established in 1866, UNH ranks among the top 100 universities in the US and is among the lead­ing universities known for its research as well as entrepre­neurship programmes. UNH’s acceptance rate is 65 per cent. “UNH is Sea grant; Land grant and Space grant institution. Only nine universities in the US are such institutions,” says Zercher. It receives about $114 million in research grant every year. A large amount of the grant comes from NASA, as the university offers a space programme, as well.

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